Does Weed Make You Funnier? (Or Is It Just a Weed Laugh Attack?)

One of the most famous stereotypes when it comes to stoner culture is the idea that weed makes everything and everyone funnier than usual, but is that really the case? If you’ve tried cannabis or been around someone who has, chances are good that you’ve experienced some serious laugh attacks at things that, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be that amusing. 

You might be surprised to know that, in fact, research shows that there’s actually some science behind the idea that cannabis makes people and things funnier than they typically are. Keep reading to learn more about how weed affects our perception of things and why it sometimes gives us a case of the giggles.

Does Weed Make You Funnier?

The answer to that question is subjective, but we’re here to offer some insight. Although cannabis intake doesn’t completely change your sense of humor, it does give your brain the ability to perceive things in a new light. 

A book called The Healing Magic of Cannabis describes the theory of “detached perspective,” which is the idea that cannabis makes you think differently than you normally do. You may find yourself saying things you might not normally say, which could in turn lead to you being funnier than usual. Unfortunately, this side effect of cannabis intake wears off with the rest of the high, and your sense of humor is likely to return to its normal state.

Why Does Weed Make You Laugh?

In order to understand cannabis’ effect on your laughter, it’s important to understand what causes laughter in the first place. Laughter is a reflex that is caused by things that we see or feel. Under the influence of cannabis, due to your newfound perspective, this reflex is likely to be triggered more easily than normal. This can oftentimes lead to constant laughter (i.e., a weed laugh attack) that can be prolonged if you’re enjoying your weed in the company of friends. After all, laughing is contagious.

Cannabis interacts with your body chemically and affects your central nervous system. It boosts certain chemicals, like dopamine, that are responsible for triggering your laughing reflex. By boosting those chemicals, it may make it easier for you to want to laugh and enjoy your environment. 

Cannabis also plays a role in lowering your inhibitions. This explains why your body reacts so easily to your laughing reflex being triggered when you are high. At other times when your inhibitions may tell you that giggling would be inappropriate, cannabis prompts you to ignore those inhibitions and allows your reflex to take over. 

Share Some Giggles With Us

Cannabis is a great way to lift spirits and get your group laughing. Not all strains are created equal, though, so it’s important that you find one that helps you reach the ecstatic high you’re looking for. At Campfire Cannabis, we offer a wide variety of cannabis products that are perfect for enjoying by yourself or with friends. Browse our online selection today and find out just how funny things become when you’ve introduced some quality bud into the mix.

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