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To vape or not to vape? As the use of cannabis is becoming more widely accepted across the country – both legally and culturally – the demand for new ways to consume the psychoactive plant is skyrocketing. Currently, joints and pipes are still the number one method for consuming cannabis. However, you may have noticed an increase in vape options at your local cannabis shop. 

Cannabis vaporizers — or vapes — create a vapor you can inhale. But how is vapor different from smoke?

Vaping Cannabis VS Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis requires plant material, smoking paraphernalia, and a heat source. It’s hard to be discreet when you have to carry all of those items around. Even if you have a pre-rolled joint, you still need a lighter, and everyone around you will notice the cannabis smell. Vaping cannabis is easier and more discreet than smoking cannabis. Vaporizers use a power source to heat cannabis oil to create vapor. The vapor typically has a more subtle scent than regular cannabis smoke, so it can be inhaled in public areas without drawing attention. 

Another benefit of vaping is that the vapor doesn’t get as hot as smoke from burning cannabis bud does. This means that vaping provides an exceptionally smooth hit, whereas cannabis smoke can burn your throat. The lack of fire needed also helps with portability, because after taking a hit off a vape, you can immediately put it back in your pocket. You can’t really do that with a bowl right after you’ve smoked out of it.

Types of Vapes

Vaporizers can be organized into three basic categories. The following list provides details about the types of vapes.

1. Tabletop Vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers are often not portable, as they need to be plugged into an outlet. However, some tabletop vapes have a battery and only need to be plugged in to recharge. 

Tabletop vape benefits include:

  • Better control over temperature
  • Can heat flower, concentrates, or oils
  • Reusable and eco-friendly 

2. Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers have similar features and functions to the tabletop vaporizer, but they’re smaller. 

Most portable vaporizers can be recharged, and they tend to last for several years. They accommodate various forms of cannabis. However, the temperature precision is usually not as good as a tabletop vaporizer.

3. Vape Pens

A vape pen is the most common type of vaporizer used in the cannabis community. They are inexpensive and the easiest to use. Additionally, they come in many portable sizes that fit in your pocket. 

Unfortunately, most vape pens are disposable and not eco-friendly. Also, the cost of buying disposable vape pens will add up over time. If vaping becomes your preferred method for consuming cannabis, you may want to invest in a portable vaporizer. 

Buying Cannabis Vapes

Buying and using a vaporizer for the first time can be overwhelming because there are many options. To get an idea of which vaporizer will best suit your needs, you should visit a cannabis shop that sells vaporizers. 

By going to a cannabis shop, you will be able to check out various vaporizers and figure out which one is the easiest and most comfortable for you to use. 

For More Information

Campfire Cannabis carries a variety of vapes for you to try. In addition, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any additional questions you have about vaping. Stop by one of our convenient locations today. 

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