Cannabis and Exercise: Can Cannabis Be Great for Workouts?

When you think of the typical cannabis user, you might imagine someone munching chips on the couch as their mind drifts into space. But the stereotype of a couch-locked “pothead” watching DVD boxsets all day might not be so accurate after all.

As it turns out, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence from athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts alike who use weed as part of their workout regimen — both for recovery and for pushing through their training sessions.

And all this buzz might have you wondering: Is cannabis really good for exercise?

Below, we’ll dive into whether or not cannabis is good for workouts, what the science has to say, and if there are any risks involved in using weed before you exercise.

How Cannabis Affects Your Body and Mind

When you consume cannabis — whether you take an edible or smoke a joint — you may experience a boost of feel-good emotions and stress relief throughout your body. This is the reason why many fitness-lovers claim that weed makes their workouts more enjoyable (and why they love combining the two).

The idea behind mixing cannabis and exercise is that you’ll eventually associate the positive effects of weed with “getting your sweat on.” Some people even believe that cannabis can help them to break through the pain of those last few agonizing reps in a set.

With that being said, cannabis can get you into a positive headspace before you work out, helping you find your groove, stay present, and finish strong.

The Science Exploring Cannabis and Exercise

A 2019 survey explored attitudes and behaviors regarding exercise among people who lived in states where cannabis is fully legalized. And it came back with some intriguing results. It, primarily, found that participants who used weed before or after a workout actually ended up exercising more on average than those who preferred not to mix the two. A majority of survey participants also reported that cannabis boosted their enjoyment, motivation, and recovery after a workout.

With this information in mind, combining cannabis and exercise could help make your fitness routine into a lifelong habit that you truly look forward to.

Are There Any Risks to Using Cannabis and Working Out?

For most healthy adults, a small amount of cannabis before a workout won’t do you any harm. However, cannabis can have an acute effect on blood pressure, possibly resulting in lightheadedness during exercise. Cannabis can also cause your heart to work harder, so you should be cautious if you have a history of cardiovascular (i.e., heart) problems.

Lastly, it may be tougher to reach peak performance when you’re using cannabis to work out. So, you shouldn’t use it if you’re competing or trying to set a personal record. 

As with anything, risks are important to be aware of. But for healthy adults, cannabis may be an excellent addition to your fitness routine, whether you want to get in the right headspace beforehand or boost your recovery afterward.

For a full scope of potential risks, please consult your doctor about using cannabis – as well as in the context of working out.

Want to Add Cannabis to Your Routine?

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