Can Weed Make You Black Out? What to Know

If you’ve heard of blacking out or have experienced it yourself, chances are that you want to do your best to avoid it. This term is most famously known as the temporary memory-loss condition that affects your body when it has reached a high alcohol level. Can the overconsumption of cannabis lead to the same outcome? Learn more about blacking out from weed and how following some tips for increasing your tolerance can help you avoid it. 

What is Blacking Out?

Blacking out deals with experiencing a temporary period of memory loss. Although this can happen as a result of various health conditions, it is most often associated with intoxication from alcohol. An alcohol-induced black out occurs when the alcohol content level interferes with the functioning of the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory. During an intoxication period, one is unable to form new memories and will oftentimes wake up with limited knowledge of their day/night. During a black out, one might also experience impaired vision, motor skills, and judgement.

Can Weed Make You Black Out?

Cannabis can have some intoxicating effects that lead to a happy, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience. But can you black out on weed? It’s no secret that people respond differently to weed, with some experiencing some unwanted side effects. Although cannabis won’t lead you to a full-blown black out, it is possible to experience problems with memory or loss of consciousness

Cannabis is known to sometimes cause drowsiness, known as somnolence, and fainting, known as syncope. Experiencing drowsiness and partial memory loss can resemble a black out, although it is not at the extreme level of alcohol. Similarly, feeling faint and fainting can lead to side effects that are experienced during a black out. 

Tips for Weed Tolerance

As with alcohol, there are factors that contribute to the increased probability of experiencing memory loss from cannabis. Among these factors is personal tolerance, which refers to the amount of weed you are able to handle. Sometimes, people will attempt to increase or reset their tolerance when they are no longer feeling the effects of weed. Other times, they will try and increase it to avoid some negative side effects like blacking out. If you are trying to increase your tolerance, you should consider the following tips:

  • Control your doses. Paying close attention to your maximum dosage and slowly increasing it can help grow your intolerance while avoiding any negative side effects from overconsumption.
  • Partake more often. The more frequently you intake weed, the more tolerant your body gets to its side effects.
  • Incorporate different strains and ratios. Different strains have different effects, and finding one that works for you is key in havin a positive experience. Similarly, finding a healthy ratio of CBD to THC will help you avoid any psychoactive side effects that you are trying to stay away from.

Test Your Tolerance

Although blacking out on cannabis isn’t quite as intense as with alcohol, it’s still a side effect that you probably wish to avoid. Building a tolerance is an effective way to stay away from any potential negative side effects that come with cannabis. At Campfire Cannabis, our expert staff is ready to help you find the best weed products that fit you and your tolerance. Shop our selection today and be on your way to a positive cannabis experience!

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