Buying Medical Marijuana Online vs. In-Store

The weed market is growing.

As medicinal and recreational marijuana becomes recognized and legalized, consumers are taking advantage of the new freedom. At a record value $24 billion, the marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Not only are marijuana dispensaries popping up all over the country, but ordering medical marijuana online has become commonplace. In fact, stores that have online ordering can sell as much as 22% more than those that don’t.

Shopping Online Vs In-Store

Buying medical marijuana online and visiting your local dispensary are both valid and common ways to shop, but which is right for you? Well, here are a few things worth considering:

Reasons to Buy Medical Marijuana in Store

  • Knowledgeable Staff: People who work at marijuana dispensaries are some of the most experienced and well-informed regarding medical marijuana. If you’re unsure of what strain to try next, having someone share their experiences and listen to your questions and concerns can be very helpful.
  • Hands-on Experience: When you order online, you don’t actually see the product until it arrives. Visiting a dispensary can give you the chance to browse and compare different strains.
  • Meet Other Shoppers: Everyone in a weed shop has something in common: they smoke weed! By chatting up other local shoppers, you can learn from their experiences, preferences and mistakes, and maybe even make new friends!
  • Quick Purchasing: Even one-day delivery still takes an entire day. There’s no faster way to get your hands on marijuana than to go to the dispensary and buy it in person. If you need a hit right now, this is the way to go.

Reasons to Buy Medical Marijuana Online

  • Convenience: Life can throw a lot at you. You may not have the time to take a trip to a dispensary to browse for weed. By ordering online, you can make your purchase and then get on with your life.
  • Distance: Not everyone lives close enough to a marijuana dispensary to be able to visit whenever they feel like it. When you live an hour from the closest shop, buying online can look like a far more attractive option.
  • Health: Many users of medical marijuana are cancer patients or those with muscular diseases who may not even be able to drive at all. The option to order medical marijuana online can get these people the treatment they need with minimal hassle.
  • Variety: Even the most well-stocked marijuana dispensary is unlikely to have everything you could ever want. The internet grants you access to just about every type of medical marijuana under the sun, giving you the most options possible.

No Matter Which You Choose…

Generally, buying medical marijuana in-store is recommended for inexperienced or curious smokers, or those involved in the community and culture. On the other hand, ordering online is best for those lacking in time or opportunity, as well as those who know what they want.

Since your needs or preference may change, it’s best to buy from a store that allows both options, such as Campfire Cannabis. You can take a moment now to browse our options online, or go in to pay us a visit. Either way, we’ll make sure your experience is a good one.

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