Buying Dank vs Regs: Pros, Cons, & Tips from a MA Dispensary

It is fair to say that not all weed is created equal. Among the different strains, there are top-shelf, mids, and regs. These categories will be your guide in choosing the best weed and recognizing the less potent strains. Join us as we take a deep dive into dank and regs, and share all you need to know when considering your next purchase.

What is “Dank”?

In the cannabis world, you’ve most likely come across the word “dank” as a way to describe the potency or quality of weed. In short, dank weed is that of the top-shelf. This refers to the most expensive strains due to their high potency of THC. If you live in a state with legalized marijuana, you can readily expect access to this category of weed. However, with its pros come cons that might keep you from purchasing it regularly.


  • Higher potency of THC
  • More bang for your buck


  • Highly expensive

When it comes to dank, chances are that you will not be able or willing to purchase it on a regular basis due to its price. However, it is worth considering if you want to get the most for your money and if you prioritize quality over anything else.

What is “Regs”?

On the flip side, regs is referred to as the lower end of the weed scale when it comes to quality. Regs, also known as Reggie, tends to have a lower level of THC and comes with a smell that is often pretty hard to miss. For most regular users, this is the category that is most avoided, as it does not provide the most pleasant smoking experience and offers little effects. 


  • Low cost
  • Accessible


  • Low THC level (less than 2%)
  • Will most likely not get you high
  • Contains stems and seeds
  • Can cause nausea/dizziness
  • Dry
  • Can be uncomfortable to smoke, causing coughing and burning
  • Foul smell
  • Stale taste

How to Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Weed

Whether you’re new to the game or a long-time weed connoisseur, it is usually pretty easy to differentiate between good and bad weed. By paying attention to the physical appearance, texture, and smell, you can almost always tell if your purchase is going to give you a good time. Good weed can be identified as having a rich, green color; sticky feel; and pleasant aroma. On the other hand, bad weed is often dry, brown, and has a recognizable odor that immediately turns you away. 

Other factors to consider while shopping for the perfect bud:

  • Smell for mold, mildew, and chemicals. A sign of these can be an indication of bad weed.
  • Be sure there is no sign of fungus, bugs, or hairs.
  • Take note of the moisture of the weed; it should not be too dry or too wet.

Although paying attention to these facts when choosing your next purchase can be helpful, you will only truly get to know your personal preference in weed by trying the product yourself. At Campfire Cannabis, you won’t have to worry about running into low quality weed, as our Massachusetts dispensary offers a wide selection of top grade weed that is sure to meet your needs. Shop our selection of high quality weed and find what works for you!

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