A West Boylston Dispensary Store Tour: 5 Staff Picks To Try

Bring the outdoors indoors, and visit a dispensary with a vibe like no other — Campfire Cannabis. Our West Boylston dispensary has beautiful wooden surfaces and upturned containers, all housing the finest hand-picked cannabis products available in Massachusetts today. Choosing a new cannabis product can be more fun than ever in our open, welcoming environment.

Our Staff Picks

But in a sea of enticing cannabis goodies, where should experienced enthusiasts or newbies alike start? Here are our staff picks — our own favorite products to use right now. We may run out of specific products in-store from time to time — if you can’t find what you’re looking for, speak to one of our friendly Camp Rangers for help. 

Old Pal Pre-Ground Flower

Are you looking for a nice, classic flower without any frills? But you also want to save yourself the trouble of grinding bud? Leave it to Old Pal, who follow Mother Nature closely and consider environmental impact in all they do.

We especially like their sour, fruity Rawtton strain of pre-ground flower. It promises to keep you focused and switched on while delivering a mood-boosting, stress-relieving high.

Levia Seltzers

Cannabis-infused seltzers provide cannabis lovers with a discreet drink to hold at a house party. And Levia makes some of the best out there. Their products cover all moods — whether you want to Dream, Achieve, or Celebrate.

Levia seltzers are extra special because, although they’re fast-acting, they only contain 5mg of THC each, so you can dose lightly and worry less about getting too high. And for a limited time, you can still pick up their Fall Seasonal Cranberry Lime flavor at Campfire Cannabis.

Heirloom Collective Flower

If you’ve been around the doobie block more than once and you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, get some Heirloom Collective flower. This cannabis producer prides themselves on producing unique terpene profiles from rare genetics that deliver their own signature highs.

We’re digging the pine-citrus Triple Whammy, which can inspire creativity in smaller doses during the day but still bliss you out into the couch in the evening. Heirloom Collective carefully selects only the best bud for each jar, so you can be sure you’ll get the most consistent experience.

Masshole Mango Haze Disposable Vape

The Masshole Mango Haze from Nimbus is a great example of what we typically call a good sativa, balancing energy and happiness with a relaxed state of mind. And all of this comes in an easy-to-use, discreet, disposable vape pen.

If you’re feeling a little lost about your choices for vaporizing concentrates, check out our blog post to find out more about the different types of cannabis vapes.

Mindy’s Gummies

What do you get when you cross an award-winning Chicago chef with a cannabis edible? Mindy’s Gummies, precisely designed by chef Mindy Segal and produced by Cresco Labs.

Careful curation of flavors shows in these edibles, as their taste is head and shoulders above most. We especially love their Glazed Clementine Orange flavor. We bet you’d eat them even if they weren’t dosed with 5mg of THC in each gummy. Or, for an easy way to microdose, try Mindy’s Botanical White Grapefruit flavor, containing 2mg THC per gummy.

Visit Campfire Cannabis

To see these products and many more, visit our West Boylston dispensary. Our Camp Rangers will be here to help you find the right cannabis pick to get the experience you want.

You can find us opposite Camping World, and just past Wachusett Wine and Spirits if you’re heading from the direction of the Wachusett reservoir.

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