A Quick Look at the Edibles You Can Buy

The edibles market has grown significantly in the last few years. There’s a vast range of products and a variety of flavors, giving everyone something tasty and effective to enjoy.

For many options on the market, one serving counts as a dose. While the “standard” dose is typically 10 mg—it all depends on you. If 10 mg is the right amount, all you need to do is take a single serving. You can break a serving in half if you need less or consume two servings if you need more.

If you’re not sure how much you should take, start with a low dose and increase your dose. Keep in mind that edibles take longer than smoking or tinctures to kick in. Wait at least two hours before you take another dose. Always be mindful if you plan to drink alcohol while dosing.

Are you now wondering: “What cannabis edibles can I buy?” Here are some of the edibles you’ll find in marijuana retail stores.  

Baked Goods

One of the first things that often come to mind when you hear the word “edibles” is baked goods—brownies, in particular. You’ll find other types of baked treats, too, like chocolate chip cookies. 


There’s a lot to love about chocolate. It’s smooth, rich, and delicious. You’ll find a range of gourmet chocolates infused with cannabis, giving you a dose of THC and CBD in a decadent chocolate treat.

Chocolate bars run the flavor gamut and include such tasty options as sea salt milk chocolate, cookies and cream, and dark chocolate. There are also chocolate-covered blueberries, coffee beans, and more. 


Maybe you prefer something chewy as opposed to something chocolatey. In this case, you might enjoy some tasty cannabis-infused chews.

There are plenty of fruity flavors on the market, such as lime, orange, and mango. If you’re not a fan of fruit flavors, you’ll also find chocolate chews as well as unique options like Fireball cinnamon. For something really rich and sweet, try a cannabis-infused toffee bar. 


Gummies are another popular cannabis-infused edible. They’re small, discreet, and come in a wide range of flavors. Many gummies are also lower-dose, approximately 5 mg THC per gummy as opposed to 10 mg. 

Hard Candies

Hard candies allow you to let the flavor of your treat linger a little longer. When the candy dissolves in your mouth, some of the cannabinoids can absorb into the tissues under your tongue or along your cheeks. You get the faster-acting effects of sublingual absorption along with the longer-lasting effects of edibles. 


Edibles aren’t just foods. The category includes cannabis-infused beverages, too. Beverages such as flavored seltzers provide refreshing hydration with your dose of THC or CBD.


While edibles offer easy, tasty dosing, you might not want the added calories of a treat. Instead, avoid adding extra calories to your diet while also gaining the benefits of consuming cannabis with easy-to-swallow capsules

Find the Best Edibles for Your Tastebuds

No matter what your tastes and treat preferences are, Campfire Cannabis has edibles for practically everyone. Visit our online dispensary to see our vast array of products and find what tantalizes your tastebuds today.

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