9 Fun Weed Facts Worth Sharing (Because the More You Know)

Are you currently sitting around a campfire looking for fun weed facts to share? Perhaps you’re on a road trip playing car trivia or on a fun weed date. Regardless, this post is going to share 9 fun weed facts worth sharing to surprise your friends. Exploring weed culture and history will increase your understanding of benefits, uses, and diverse culture.

9 Fun Weed Facts

Ready to rapid-fire your way through these facts? Let’s get started.

  1. Weed Has Been Around for Centuries

 It just hasn’t been used in quite the same way as we do today. Hemp fiber was used to make paper, clothing, sails, and rope. Its seeds were used as food in the Neolithic Age in China. 

  1. Cultivation dates back to 3000+ years ago in modern-day Taiwan

Taiwan is also a country where marijuana is now illegal and punishable by prison time and a large fine

  1. The Name “Marijuana” Comes From Mexican Associations

Cannabis turned into “Marijuana sometime between the 19th and 20th centuries after it became associated with Mexican soldiers and workers. 

  1. Only Female Cannabis Plants Get You High

Go back to biology class and you’ll learn that plants can also be female and male. Female marijuana plants are the only ones that bloom THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) buds with levels high enough to create a “high” effect. Male plants are removed before they flower to avoid the precocious flowering of the female plants because the longer they’re allowed to grow and the more light they receive, the bigger they get.

  1. Chocolate and Marijuana Effects Can Be Similar

Smoking marijuana and eating chocolate affect the same parts of brain cells, at least in mice. These parts of the brain are actually relevant to addiction which are greater than the effects caused by caffeine or morphine. 

  1. You Can Eat Cannabis Raw

Yes, you can certainly much on cannabis flowers, although it doesn’t mean that you should. Cannabis won’t provide a “high” effect when eaten raw, but it does offer medicinal benefits. If you want the full effect, maybe make some brownies.

  1. California Banned First and Now Has Over 1000 Dispensaries

California was to ban cannabis in the United States in 1913. However, it now has 1110 dispensaries so it’s a state that did a full 180 in its stance regarding cannabis.

  1. It’s Impossible to Lethally Overdose On Cannabis

While it is possible to overdose on Cannabis, dying from it is impossible because you can’t actually consume the amount necessary. A cannabis overdose just means you took more than you should and you’ll probably just “green out”. 

  1. Modern-Day Cannabis is a Lot Stronger

“Hippie Weed” which was imported to the US in the sixties was not nearly as pure as it is today. Additionally, we’ve scientifically cultivated marijuana to increase THC content meaning today’s weed is not the same as the one your parents or grandparents may have had.

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Did you stump your friends with any of these weed facts? Cannabis has a long history and constantly influences culture, so there’s always something to learn. To learn more about marijuana and find the right strain for you, visit our blog with tons of useful facts.

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