7 Flowers to Try This Winter: Cannabis Shop Favorites

The changing of the seasons calls for a change of routine. Over the winter months, we change our diets, our exercise routines, and even our smoking habits. Tropical or citrusy sativas lend themselves to outdoor activities over the summer, while warmer, earthier flavors and less stimulating strains can help stave off the cold over the winter months.

7 Flower Strains to Try This Winter

If you’re looking to swap out your summer bud for something a little more seasonally appropriate, check out these seven wintery flower strains.

1. Lava Breath

This pre-ground indica is perfect for cozying up by the fire or under a blanket. With creamy notes of vanilla, it pairs well with wintery sweets and warm beverages, and its 15.6% THC content is sure to facilitate a relaxing evening.

2. Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream is a classic strain from California known for its delicious flavor. Its nutty aroma with hints of vanilla is perfect for the colder months, and at 15.89% THC, seasoned smokers will find it mild enough to indulge in often.

3. Cornbread

Named after the traditional food item enjoyed during the holiday season, Cornbread is suitable for the winter months. Its sweet and earthy buds are known to stir up an appetite, so why not indulge in a bit of Cornbread and satisfy your hunger with more of the same?

4. GMO

GMO, also known as Garlic Mushroom Onion, has one of the most distinct flavor profiles of any cannabis strain, bearing strong, warm notes of garlic and coffee. Be careful though because its 26.5% THC content is sure to bliss out even the most seasoned smoker.

5. Gilz Nilz

What says winter more than pine trees? Gilz Nilz is a strain of indica with a nearly overpowering pine scent and flavor. At 19.3% THC, it’s also the rare pure indica that doesn’t have any dulling effects, which means that you’ll feel both relaxed and lucid through your entire experience.

6. It’s It

The name really does say it all for this delicious strain of indica: It’s It. Descended from the very tasty gelato and mint chocolate chip strains, It’s It has an 18.32% THC content and tastes strongly of sweet and spicy mint mixed into cookie dough.

7. LA Kush Cake

LA Kush Cake is a powerful indica descended from the ever-popular wedding cake and kush mints strains. Carrying a strong peppermint aroma, LA Kush Cake produces smooth hits that taste like candy canes. Its 25.10% THC content may leave you just a little too relaxed. Campfire Cannabis offers it either as small nugs or pre-ground.

Which Winter Strain Is Best for Me?

The best strain is the one that gives you the most enjoyable effects. Everyone has their own favorites, but the most important thing to look at is the overall strength of the strain. The more THC is in it, the more powerful the high will be. If you are new to cannabis or haven’t smoked in a while, it’s probably a good idea to stick with some of the less potent strains. More experienced cannabis users, though, should opt for something more powerful in order to experience satisfying effects.

Whatever your cannabis needs this season, Campfire Cannabis’s online cannabis shop and brick-and-mortar locations in Massachusetts can help find the perfect winter cannabis strains for you.

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