6 Fun Things to Do After Visiting Our Worcester Dispensary

Picture this— you’ve visited our Campfire Cannabis Worcester dispensary and picked up some new goodies. Now you’re back home and you want to sample them, but you’re not sure what to do with yourself for the rest of the afternoon once you’re stoned. 

If you’re longing for some fresh inspiration for your next session, here are our favorite things to do when high. 

Paint with Your Friends

Embrace the creative influence of cannabis and organize an evening of painting with your fellow stoner buddies. Grab a blank canvas each and pass the joints and paints around. Paint literally anything you want, or make it a themed event— landscapes, fruits, flowers, and more. You’ll even have an artsy keepsake at the end of the evening! Keep a coloring book and pencils on hand, too, just in case painting from scratch ends up a bit overwhelming. 

Have a Campfire

There’s something special about tending to a fire while you’re stoned. Not only are flames soothing to watch, but concentrating on keeping a fire at its brightest will also satisfy an overclocked, stoned brain for hours. Go for a hike with your friends, camp out, and cook some delicious treats over the fire in the evening. If you’re making last-minute plans, scale it down with a simple campfire in the backyard and some s’mores. 

Do Yoga

Some people swear exercising while high helps them enjoy it more and work out for longer. If you’d prefer to keep your workout chill, roll out a mat and have a yoga session. Explore the postures your body can achieve while the cannabis relaxes your whole system. The deep breathing, introspection, and meditative qualities of yoga may amplify when you’re high, too. 

Go See a Stand Up Comedy Show

Are you tired of boring evenings glued to the couch between the same four walls? Do you still want to have a good giggle after you toke? Book an evening at a local comedy spot, then sit back and enjoy. Even if the comedian’s style isn’t completely to your taste, we have no doubt they’ll be funnier after a few hits. 

Watch the Night Sky

Looking up at the night sky can be forever rewarding— especially when you’re high. For the best chance of seeing stars, wait for a cloudless night and travel to a spot nearest you with low light pollution. Bring along a blanket and portable speaker out, then lie down and check out the cosmos. Pick out key constellations or invent a new one for a friend to find. 

Dance to Your Favorite Music

Listening to great music while you’re high is a memorable experience. Take it a step further and express your love for your favorite tunes through dance. Whether you prefer a slight boogie or some big, arm-swinging moves, rave it up. Dance alone if you’d feel more comfortable, or organize an evening and see if you and your friends can make each other laugh with your crazy dance moves. 

Get Started With Campfire Cannabis

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for how to while away the time while high. To put them into action, get down to our Worcester dispensary and treat yourself to a special treat from our fine selection of curated products. 

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