6 Best Weed Destinations USA: Our Top Picks

There is so much to consider when choosing cities to hit on a road trip. Perhaps most importantly, it’s who you’re going with. If you’re looking for cannabis tourism and your friends like to consume cannabis, you don’t have to go to Amsterdam anymore!  Plan ahead to stop by the best destinations in the US so your trip will be as safe and fun as possible. Weed destinations will have you enjoying the green vibes where it’s legal and there are attractions to enhance the experience even more. 

In this post, we’ll help you plan your weed vacation by going through 6 of the best weed destinations in the USA to add to your next trip and what they have to offer.

6 Weed Destinations USA

Not only are there cannabis-friendly cities in the 24 states in the US that you’ll love visiting, but there are also weed-friendly resorts, must-hit dispensaries, and so much more to explore. Here are the top ones we recommend.

1. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has topped everyone’s list of weed-friendly vacations USA because you could spend an entire trip just exploring its weed-related attractions. Take a Green Tour and hit dispensaries for four hours, go to the Original Cannabis Cafe to smoke pre-rolls, or delight in infused treats. If you want to check out events, there are often 420 drag shows, movie clubs, and puff puff paint gatherings you can join with the city’s cannabis community.

2. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has been the home of great beer, coffee, and, since 2014, legal recreational weed. Since legalization, the cannabis scene has grown exponentially and the standards are high. While you stop in Portland you can pop in to any of the following weed attractions and take into account Portland’s consumption laws.

  • Farma is one of the top 10 most beautiful dispensaries in America 
  • Mississippi Studios is an Indie Rock venue that’s worth visiting
  • Ground Kontrol is an arcade bar that will add plenty of fun games to your cannabis experience
  • Pips and Bounce is a fun ping pong bar to hit and get competitive
  • Creepy’s is a horror bar you have to stop by if you’re not concerned about a few scares while you’re high 

Once you’re done having a great time in Portland and its beautiful surroundings, hit up Las Vegas. Let’s go through what you’ll find there.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

The 2017 legalization of cannabis in Nevada pushed the industry to create a cannabis capital in the region. Here’s what should go on your Las Vegas weed list.

  • Planet 13 is the world’s largest dispensary. Open 24/7, you can visit the massive location buy up to an ounce of cannabis from their extensive men, and take a shuttle back to your 420-friendly hotel.
  • When you get the munchies, go to Cheba Hut, a weed-themed sandwich chain with drinks that will soothe the inevitable thirst.
  • Go to Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart or the Neon Museum for the ultimate sensory experience
  • Finally, you can participate in cannabis pastry classes or puff and paint by checking out events locally while you’re there.

4. West Boylston, Massachusetts

The total opposite of Vegas in terms of size and hustle-and-bustle, but it comes as a welcome treat for those who prefer a charming, relaxing weed getaway. While there, you can visit Campfire Cannabis to stock up before you go hit up a Bud and Breakfast, get a massage, or pop in the candy store.

5. Portland, Maine

The East Coast Portland is one to go to if you want a wide array of cannabis-friendly accommodations and cannabis tours. After your tour or “gardening break,” go to any of the following attractions to have a great time. 

  • See the harbor at the Portland Observatory and overlook the crazy view from the 86-foot tower.
  • Think big at the world’s largest globe. Eartha is located 10 minutes outside of Portland and is a one-millionth scale size of the Earth.
  • Stage Cannabis is a music-focused dispensary with staff who are knowledgeable about places in the city. Stop by at 2:30 p.m. and try all their free samples.
  • Lastly, munch at The Holy Donut with 20 rotating flavors and options for gluten-free and vegan folks.

6. Boulder, Colorado

You’re going to go to Denver anyway, so we’re adding Boulder to the list so that you don’t miss it. Boulder is a mountain town with a weed culture that goes back to the early 2010s and cannabis-friendly accommodations known to be affordable. So while you’re there, enjoy what they have to offer. Here are some ideas.

Prepare to Travel to the Best Weed Destinations USA

Now you have six cities to add to your list. One thing we have to recommend is that you remember to be a good weed tourist as you plan your weed-friendly vacation. Not everyone has the same hobbies and interests as you, so make sure you abide by each destination’s rules and laws and be respectful of locals. Other than that, start making a packing list, book some 420-friendly hotels, and put some gas in the car or buy some flights to get moving. You’ll have a great time and talk about it for years to come. 

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