4 Ways To Get the Weed Aesthetic

Whether it’s for Halloween, a party, or a way to signal to fellow comrades in arms what lifestyle you’re about, a weed aesthetic makes a statement and can be achieved with little effort. It’s a combination of elements like fashion, art, and music that collectively create a vibe associated with the marijuana culture. 

Keep reading to learn some simple ways you can integrate a cannabis aesthetic into your current style.

4 Ways To Achieve a Weed Aesthetic

When weed was popularized in the 1960s, it immediately became associated with the counterculture, which was experiencing a major shift in fashion, music, art, and other aspects of lifestyle. To this day, weed is still deeply intertwined with alternative culture, and the categories below represent ways to achieve an overall weed aesthetic.

1. Fashion

Comfort is king in cannabis culture, with loose-fitting clothing such as sweatpants and oversized T-shirts being bestsellers. Fabrics are typically made of cotton or other soft fabrics to be easy on the skin. The relaxed styles reflect the calming and peaceful nature of the plant. People who use cannabis generally want to be comfortable and at ease rather than wearing formal and stiff clothing.

The psychoactive properties of the plant have also influenced the designs of the loose-fitting clothing. Lots of psychedelic imagery is used like tye-dye to recreate the hallucinatory effects people might experience on THC.

2. Music

Even before the popularization of weed in the 1960s, jazz musicians were using it to enhance their creativity during improvised jamming sessions. Listeners use it to fully immerse themselves in the music and it has always been a mainstay of weed culture.

Typically, slower and more drawn-out music like Pink Floyd or Bob Marley is favored as the pace and tempo of these songs match the effects of cannabis. However, lots of genres from country to hip hop now embrace weed culture since it has broken into the mainstream.

3. Art

While fashion and music can both be considered art forms, the weed aesthetic has also influenced those who create visual art. It’s not uncommon to see pieces that are vibrant and depict natural elements like plants or animals. This imagery is often associated with the positive attributes of cannabis, such as peace and relaxation.

You’ll also find tons of weed-specific art like 420 pieces, marijuana plant depictions, paraphernalia, and references to cannabis slang. From street graffiti to painting masterpieces like those from Alex Grey, the weed aesthetic is pervasive in all aspects of the art world.

4. Cannabis Icons

The weed aesthetic wouldn’t be complete without associating it with those who have promoted and advocated for its acceptance in the past. People like Bob Marley, Cheech and Chong, and Snoop Dogg have become iconic symbols of the marijuana culture.

These individuals have used their fame to spread awareness about cannabis and have helped influence the general acceptance that led to partial legalization in the U.S.

Achieving the Weed Aesthetic

When weed became popular it was paired with the major cultural changes that were happening in the 1960s. The association has stuck to this day and there are still elements of fashion, art, and music that when combined, create a weed aesthetic that is easily recognized by fellow users. Any personality or style can find its own weed aesthetic thanks to the many options provided by mainstream acceptance. 

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