4 Summer Fishing Tips (While Stoned)

Ah, the relaxation of spending time in nature. The idyllic calm of the water… The thrill of snagging that long-awaited catch… There’s a lot to love about fishing, and, like most activities, fishing can be even more fun when you’re stoned — the great outdoors are simply greater, and the excitement of a catch is even more intense. 

Still, it’s worth acquainting yourself with a few summer fishing tips to maximize the enjoyment of getting high while out on the water. Before you head out to your favorite honey hole, here are a few things to keep in mind.

#1. Pick the Right Spot

When it comes to summer fishing tips, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind: location. 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of fishing while stoned is how well the serenity of Mother Nature complements the euphoria of a good high. For that reason, you should choose a location that features what you love most about fishing and being outside. That could be:

  • A calm forest stream
  • A wooded lake 
  • The open ocean

In general, it’s probably best to find a calm spot that isn’t too crowded. This will keep you from experiencing sensory overload that could lead to spikes in anxiety. 

#2. Know the Fundamentals of Water Safety

Whether you’re casting your line from the shore or from a boat, safety should be your top priority. This is especially true for all you anglers who like to get high beforehand. Few things are more likely to ruin your high than a waterfront emergency.

When it comes to water safety, the rules are the same when you’re fishing stoned as they are when you’re sober:

  • Bring your life jacket
  • Be careful with hooks and other sharp objects
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Wear insect repellent 

#3. Know Your Tolerance Level

Even the most experienced stoners have been known to hit a wall where they discover how high is too high. When you’re on the water, it’s even more important to know your personal limit and ingest accordingly. Otherwise, you could risk an episode of “greening out” (overdosing on THC).

When fishing while stoned, be on the lookout for the following signs that you’ve over-ingested: 

  • Heightened paranoia and/or anxiety
  • Disorientation or dizziness
  • Sweating and/or pale skin
  • Nausea or vomiting

#4. Don’t Forget Your Munchies 

This last summer fishing tip is true whether you’re fishing stoned or getting high at home: Make sure you have your favorite snacks on hand. What could be worse than being trapped on the water without your Cheetos or Gummy Bears to keep you company?

Don’t skimp on the water, either! When you’re in the hot sun, staying hydrated is crucial to having a good time, so make sure that your cooler is fully stocked with H2O — along with your favorite sodas and other drinks. 

Catch Your Best High Ever 

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